Lawn Furniture Restoration- Epoxy Primer

Lawn furniture. Paint it black.

Lawn furniture restoration is a continuous and rewarding part of our business. We love nothing more than a happy customer. Here Mike is priming a customer’s lawn furniture with Sherwin Williams MacroPoxy  646.

Lawn Furniture- Black- Epoxy Primer Coating

After reviewing the available options with our customer, we decided to media blast to remove all the old paint. Prime it all with epoxy. Then finish it with Sherwin Williams Acrolon 218 in Black (semi-gloss).

The media blasting will ensure that the paint is applied to a proper surface, promoting better adhesion. The epoxy will provide abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. And due to the nature of it being outside all the time, the Acrolon 218 (urethane) will provide UV resistance (protecting the epoxy) and will also resist fading for many years.

This is the proper way to rehabilitate old lawn furniture, or anything steel for that matter. I can guarantee that our customer will be happy with the finished look and the long lasting properties of the paints.