Abrasive Blasting and Coating - ABC

Surface Preparation and Coating Services

  • Blasting- Concrete Restoration- Parking Garage Walls

Each project’s specifications are carefully read to ensure proper execution of the coating or paint finish.  Abrasive Blasting and Coating has a strict Quality Control Guideline which is followed for each surface coating project.  We have multiple paint bays to enable multiple projects to be completed simultaneously.  Our coating and paint applications include conventional, airless, hydraulic, and roller/brush applied. ABC has additional dry storage space for those coating projects which require extended curing times prior to shipment.

Each project is carefully prepared to receive the coating including monitoring of surface/air temperature, dew point, humidity level at time of application, surface free of oils, dust, and contaminates before and during application of coating.  Each coat is checked for proper wet mil thickness as well as allow proper time before re-coating.  After coating has been completed, the project is checked in several areas with a magnet coating gauge to ensure the proper dry film thickness is achieved.  If necessary, we have the ability to apply heat to assist coatings to properly dry based on manufactures specifications.

Some of the various types of coatings we apply include: Enamels, alkyd systems, epoxies (both catalyzed and non), urethanes, zinc primers (both organic or inorganic), coal tar sealers/coatings, acrylic coatings, and silicones.

Surface Preparation and Coating Services: